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Welcome to Herbal Potion's Online Apothecary! We are excited to share the knowledge and medicinal uses of terpenes with you through our potions. Terpenes are compounds found in Herb and throughout the plant kingdom that are responsible for tastes, smells, and medicinal effects. By adding Herbal Potions to your smoke, you are able to get the effects you want from your smoking Herb. No more wondering if your Herb will put you to sleep or stimulate your mind.  


We currently brew & bottle 2 potions in our apothecary: Day & Night. To learn more about each of Our Potions, click here. 

We use all-natural essential oils in our Potions. For example, Linalool, the sedative terpene found in Lavender, is used in our Night Potion to calm the restlesness and promote sleep. These properties in plants have been exploited by humans for thousands of years through aromatherapy and herbalism. Such practices still thrive in Eastern cultures and are begining to be used more in the United States. Herbal Potions and Tickled Wizard promote the use and spread of knowledge to enhance every aspect of life. Accordingly, we invite you to learn more about the science behind our Potions and the most miraculous herb: Marijuana. Click here to access knowledge on Marijuana and Terpenes. 


Herbal Potions ~ by The Tickled Wizard ~  4216 Murwick Dr. ~ Arlington, TX 76016 

Welcome to our online apothecary! Our potions allow you to enhance the therapeutic effects of your HERB or e-cigarette. Herbal Potions are brewed with TERPENES: a magical compound found throughout the plant kingdom responsible for various smells and tastes. Each Terpene has its unique therapeutic properties that range from a sedative to stimulatant. Our terpenes are brewed to ensure your high is consistent everytime! 



Please visit Our Store for a complete list and description of each Potion. 


We are passionate about spreading the knowledge and use of terpenes. Please contact us with feedback and/or suggestions for our potions and their future!

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